What is Hannah Kate’s return policy?

Hannah Kate’s return policy options are:
• Gift Certificate- This is given to a customer who is returning an item and does not want to replace that item. The certificate will be issued for the total amount paid for that garment. It is to be used the following season at a Hannah Kate trunk show.
• Refund- less 20% restocking fee
• Exchange- with a 20% restocking fee to have the garment re-made or replaced with another choice

Hannah Kate’s philosophy of custom made clothes is one of the reasons our company is so unique! Our choices are so varied that it is easy for each customer to design a garment unlike any other customer. With thousands of garments processed each season, no more than 10% of those items are identical. When a garment is returned it is highly unlikely that we can use that garment to fill another customer’s order due to the “custom design” of each garment. The 20% restocking fee only partially defers the cost of having the garment remade (fabric and labor). If we sell the returned garment at our sample sale it is sold at a substantial discount, if it is sold at all. We strictly enforce our 10 day return policy! Our manufacturer requires this time frame in order to close out each party. Because of this, please remind your customers to examine their order carefully when it arrives and not store it away unopened until time to wear the clothes.