Come With Me To A Trunk Show!

Happy Monday everyone!

We’ve got some exciting news {if you haven’t seen already!} : we are doing fun stuff over on Instagram @hannah_kate_clothes!

We don’t want you to miss out! We had our first GIVEAWAY last week {happy little dance}, posted lots of pictures of some of our favorite outfits, and played a few little fun games. Please join us there for more of the same. We’d love for you to follow us, and we’re more than happy to follow you back. It’s a privilege to get to know our customers better!

Our Hannah Kate Trunk Shows are going on all over the place now and we sure hope you were able to stop in somewhere, enjoy yourself and create a few beautiful items while you were there!

Every Hannah Kate Trunk Show is unique because every lovely hostess is unique. Each home show is special and one of a kind. Want to know the secret of what they have in common? Each hostess wants you to feel welcome. We hope you have a great time with friends and meet new ones. In an age where most of our world is online, taking opportunity to create, talk, and enjoy one another in our homes is fabulous!

For me personally, if there were more hours in my day, I think I would like to travel around and visit each Hannah Kate Trunk Show. Of course, there aren’t more hours! So I did the next best thing and went to the closest one to me. . .


 {Her front door had “Welcome!” all over it!}


 {I wasn’t trying to be a creeper but seriously, even the view from outside her window was like, “Please come in and see!”}

I contacted my local hostess through email off of the Hannah Kate website. She was as sweet as pie and emailed me right back with all the information I needed to know to come to her show. The great thing is that her show lasted three days and it’s kinda like an open house. I could come when it was most convenient for my schedule. Mental note: that’s just really awesome. IMG_1602



Everything was just so relaxed ~ like walking into a beautiful Childrens’ Boutique, but well, just more at home! And way more fun. As my ten year old daughter put it, “Now, that’s my kinda shopping!” Her favorites this season are the “Collier Vest” and the “Hunter Tunic” {view below in picture}. I love anything in Hannah Kate fleece, specifically the gray and blue this season, and the amazing “Tracy Jacket.” All my girls wear their’s until there is no wear left!



{The “Charlotte Dress” in “Making Waves.”}




{My favorite fleece ever.}

Here at Hannah Kate we hope you have wonderful experiences at our Fall Trunk Shows! If you missed one in your area, don’t worry, you can always order by calling the Hannah Kate office @ (205) 871-6362.



Any questions you may have please give us a call at (205) 871-6362 or email us at Our website might answer your question. Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook! Follow us and join in on our Facebook sales for amazing deals on our clothing!

Oh, one more thing. . . click on over to Hannak Kate Trunk Show from andrea brown on Vimeo to come with me to a trunk show. We can’t wait to hear about your own and see the beautiful clothing you created! Send us pics!


{For Hannah Kate}