Courageous Motherhood


Happy Thursday everyone!

Fall is finally visible here! It comes not in the leaves this far south, but in the grasses of the meadows, the bluer skies, and nice cool mornings and evenings below 90 degrees! Oh, and nearly every man in camo ready for a hunt.

Sitting here in the cool of the morning with the back door open, I feel the change. I’ve got a lot of change going on in my life right now – little things, big things. Change is pretty much the law of nature, perhaps, more like the law of life.

I know, that’s nothing new, but I think most of us may crave consistency, stability, knowing what comes next. Isn’t that what calendars are for?

If you have children, maybe you have concluded by now that knowing what comes next isn’t part of the job description.

Yesterday, putting a laundry basket away, I returned to my living room to find my five year old daughter roller skating on top of the desk. That’s right, skating on the desk. This is the same dear who, as we are loading up for my son’s football game Saturday, snagged her arm on a tree and we ended up on a special date to the ER instead of being cheerleaders for the game!


There are times I can change my circumstances and by all means I should (like maybe keeping the roller skates where she must ask in order to retrieve), and then there are times where my circumstances are unchanging (she still can’t explain how the tree “reached out and got her”), and it’s at that point I believe that maybe the greater purpose of my situation is for my own changing.

My heart becomes the issue; a heart of trust, a heart of love, and a heart of courage.

When I embrace this need for my own heart to be renewed, redeemed, or made new – I have grace to push forward with hope amidst the struggle. In time, as my heart is changed for the better through the circumstances, often my circumstances change as well.

Motherhood is so much of living in the moment and just doing the next thing, but coupled with looking beyond our present circumstances to seeing the greater good of what will be achieved if we persevere.

Do you find yourself in a time with everything changing and you long for stability? Perhaps you have a toddler or two and no moment is the same – except all moments seem to be defined by the word crazy. Maybe you have unchangeable circumstances today and you need the grace to persevere until change does occur.

Maybe like me, you want courage to press on through the circumstances but you don’t always feel it. You aren’t sure you’ve got what it takes.


Honey, courage doesn’t always look tough, roar like a lion, or march forward in confidence. Sometimes, it’s just coming to the end of your day, and as you crawl into bed exhausted you say, “I will try again tomorrow.”

That’s courageous motherhood. Know that change does come, just like the seasons. Someday you will say, “Remember when…?”

One day I will recall the unplanned four hour ER visit from last Saturday – where my daughter told the doctor that the “tree reached out and got her,” and then asked pretty please to watch the weather channel while she was getting her seven stitches. I will laugh.

Already, I catch myself smiling.


For Hannah Kate

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