Easter Party!



Happy Easter!

There is something extra special to me about celebrating Easter. It is my favorite holiday.

To me, it is the celebration of knowing Someone, and that Someone knowing me, who has loved me completely, unselfishly, and unconditionally — and not because I deserved it. “There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends…” {John 15:13} There is no greater love then what Jesus Christ did on our behalf.

Of course it is also SPRING TIME! Which is wonderful for parties, and I sorta kinda love parties. Particularly ones with my kids – outdoors!

It’s a tradition in our family to have an Easter Party each year. Each one is different then the year before but always includes: the reading of Matthew 28, special treats and fun foods, an Easter egg hunt, dressing up pretty, singing, and working together creating a decorating theme for the party.

Last week my Hannah Kate order came in for my girls from the Spring 2015 Catalog. I did not at all have to convince the girls to wear their new outfits for our Easter Party! We ordered the “Rosie Top” in Grace Damask {one of my fall time favorite fabrics for spring!} with the Ella Capris in Grey Linen. The Ella Capris have always been one of our favorite patterns of all time – we pair them with everything from dresses to tank tops!

PicMonkey Collage7

My husband runs a Vintage Flea Market on the weekends. Basically he is somewhat of a professional picker and I really think he could have his own show. {I may be a bit biased!} This year I decided it would be fun to decorate our Easter Party entirely from my husband’s Vintage Flea Market Barn.


My girls and I went last weekend to his sale and had fun picking through all the left over items. My oldest daughter was fascinated with a box of metal fence pieces {pictured below}. She also discovered the white fabric sheets and burlap bags. We picked up an old porch swing, desk, vintage windows and picket fence pieces, gathered all the dishes from his collection there, metal baskets for our hanging chandeliers, a old crocheted blanket, several antlers (what’s a Texas party without them!), and a couple of old frames, doilies,  — and all sorts of small vintage items!

Rain was in the forecast so we decided the porch would be the best location for our party. Some years we have baked all our party treats, but this year with a busy weekend {y’all, we’re shooting the Fall 2015 catalog and it’s amazing!}, we decided to go to Trader Joe’s and pick out our favorite treats and only bake a few special things.

PicMonkey Collage6

The girls helped make the Easter eggs and verse place cards for our “Easter Tree” that we created out of an old vintage wire cone we found at the flea market. They collected sticks around the yard and used string to make crosses, and drew crosses on paper – which we put inside the frames we hung on the porch wall.

The simplest, inexpensive crafts can create the biggest smiles. I use to get a little impatient when my kids wanted to help me because then things wouldn’t be “perfect.” But early on in my 17 years of parenting, I found that just relaxing and really making the party simply not about me is the best and the happiest way to go for all! There is so much joy in seeing their joy! That’s the wonderment of motherhood. Sacrificing “me” at times in order for them to be “them.”

PicMonkey Collage4

 Above is our “Easter Tree.” One previous year we took a branch out of the yard and spray painted it white and hung that for our tree. We hang verses and Easter eggs from the tree and tie a cross at the top.

PicMonkey Collage15

picture collage 3

 Above the girls are “toasting” with their tea to “loving each other sacrificially and being best friends.”

PicMonkey Collage11

PicMonkey Collage2

 Not surprisingly, the simplest food item was their favorite: popcorn in little paper bags.

PicMonkey Collage

PicMonkey Collage13

Despite the manner sessions her grandmother has had with her, my dear Lakelyn can’t help but devour her little cupcake in her own flare.

PicMonkey Collage14

PicMonkey Collage9

 Above, my three year old daughter was quite sure she should be entitled to two cupcakes at the party!

PicMonkey Collage16

PicMonkey Collage8

PicMonkey Collage5

PicMonkey Collage10

We hope you enjoyed taking a peak into our little porch-flea market-Hannah Kate Spring Easter Party. Here at Hannah Kate we’d love to see your kiddos all dressed up wearing Hannah Kate on Easter! Make sure you tag us at #hannahkateclothes on Facebook and Instagram. Also, the next two Thursday nights at 8pm CST we will be having Facebook Sales — don’t forget to register so you can be apart of these!


Happy Easter to all!


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