Fall Trunk Shows!


{Here’s a little behind the scenes of what has been taking place this week! We’re so excited for you to see the Fall Collection!}


Our Fall Trunk Shows are starting up and we want to make sure you have all the information you could possibly need to know to be a part of one!

If you’ve never been to a Hannah Kate Trunk Show, you are in for a unique and fun experience! Each Hannah Kate Hostess receives a trunk of over 200 clothing samples twice a year. Customers are able to view each season’s precious new line of Hannah Kate clothing and place orders at their local trunk show.


Each season’s clothing samples are the personal creation of Hannah Kate’s owner and designer, Andrea Brown. The garments can be ordered as it is sampled and viewed at the trunk show… or garments can be customized by you!


Hannah Kate provides over 80 fabrics to choose from. There are a variety of garment styles for both girls and boys each show season. After you choose a garment you can further personalize it! We have many appliqués, embroideries, monograms, trims, and buttons all provided for you so you can customize your own beautiful creation.

The patterns are timeless and your added touches make your garment distinctly you; or maybe your garment is customized to show your child’s favorite colors, theme, name, or personality. Pretty much either way, it’s simply a lot of fun!

IMG_8502-1So ~ where are these Trunk Shows you ask?

Simply click HERE.

{Don’t be shy! Our Hannah Kate Hostesses are amazing and would love for you to come to their Trunk Show!}


Remember if there is not a show currently in your area, you are welcome to call our office and place an order by phone during our Trunk Show season (205-871-6362). You can view the catalog right off our website or call and we will ship one out right away for you. Any questions you may have we will be happy to assist in any way possible!

Another really great option if you don’t have a show in your area: apply to become a Hannah Kate Hostess! It’s really quite simple. . .


We mail you the trunks full of sample clothing and you host a party! Invite all your friends over and show them the fabulous new clothes. You are completely compensated for your hard work based on sales and we cover postage to mail out invitations. Kinda like a party on us~

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 Any questions about becoming a Hannah Kate Hostess we would love to answer for you!



{For Hannah Kate}