The Hannah Kate Catalog Family


I want to introduce the little faces behind our Hannah Kate Spring Catalog 2015!

We call these wonderful kids The Hannah Kate Catalog Family because these children spend many hours working together, and have become like family as they help bring each catalog to completion. This is a big shout out to the kids that make the job do-able, and down right enjoyable!

PicMonkey Collage--9

Each one of the children pictured in our catalog work patiently during long photo shoots. They are kind to the other children and they listen closely to instructions – and there are always lots of instructions! These children have learned to use the restroom, nap, change clothes, and eat in environments that aren’t easy or that they are accustomed to. They have learned to set aside playing and talking until work is completed. This is no easy task when we shoot at fun places like the lake!

Let me start with an introduction to our Hannah Kate boys!

I noticed “L” and “T” on the sidelines of one of my older son’s football practices several years ago. Besides their beautiful dark skin and big smiles, they were so sweet! I tracked down their mother’s phone number and they joined The Hannah Kate Catalog Family. I cannot rave on these two enough. I feel like they are my nephews or family now.

PicMonkey Collage-11

What I love about taking pictures of “L” is that he is serious about getting the job done. He doesn’t goof off. “L” is also so sweet to his younger brother. My favorite trait about “T” is that he comes to every shoot with cowboy boots on, his favorite super-hero shirt and always, always socks on. Sometimes he has a slurpy mustache or a fake tattoo on his arm. He makes us smile. I couldn’t ask for a more cooperative toddler boy! He is so precious.

We are grateful that “L” and “T” are a part of The Hannah Kate Catalog Family. This year we added “Hannah Kate Baby” to our catalog and “V,” their little sister, was apart of the team for the Spring Collection 2015.

PicMonkey Collage-2

We added two more adorable little boys to The Hannah Kate Catalog Family this spring!

First, “B” — little blue-eyed blonde, the baby of his own family of four boys. This little guy was amazing! There wasn’t a photo shoot we didn’t do that he wasn’t happy and cooperative. His big brothers came along for some of our shoots and I couldn’t help but add them in to our photo sessions as well! “B” is just adorable and truly, I wanted to take him home with us after every session.

Our second new face, was “S,” three year old, sandy-brown haired toddler with big puppy dog brown eyes. By his second shoot he was use to the way things work and apart of the family of kids like the rest. He’s the youngest of five and he proved he knows the ropes of working with other kids well. Hopefully we will see him return for our Fall Shoot!

PicMonkey Collage-7

Now to our Hannah Kate girls!

Our now nearly pre-teen model “M” started working with Hannah Kate at the age of 4. I believe she is capable of doing nearly all the behind the scene work as much as I am. There have been shoots through the years where this girl may change over ten times in one shoot. She waits and works patiently and without complaint. This always involves so much more than one may realize, and it’s not comfortable weather since we work off season for the shoots. She truly is an assistant as much as she models.

PicMonkey Collage01

What I love about taking pictures of “M” is that she is graceful, serious about the work, and fun all at the same time. She is a good example to the little ones and sets the tone for the rest in getting the job done. She has a radiant smile and her eyes speak even when she isn’t — and she has hair! Always hair to work with!

B” is our big blue-eyed little blonde. She is simply the easiest child I think I have ever photographed in 17 years of photography. She just doesn’t take a bad picture and she has the happiest personality. She loves being apart of The Hannah Kate Catalog Family and is always just as excited about trying on the new fashions as she is seeing everyone again for the season shoots. She is everybody’s best friend. I believe she thinks the HK boys are truly her blood brothers.

PicMonkey Collage-5

Next is “L,” our very olive skinned, black eyed pea who started out as a Hannah Kate Baby when she was barely three months old. “L” is dramatic. She is personality! She keeps the HK shoots from ever getting too dull or laid back! One thing I find best in picking children to photograph is looking for children who do not just stand there and smile. I would rather a child make 20 crazy faces then the same face every time. Laughter, large tooth grins, and enthusiasm: this is “L.” She brings life to photos and the HK clothing.

PicMonkey Collage-3

Last but not least, and one of the newer members to The Hannah Kate Catalog Family, is “H.”

She’s presently our “toddler/baby” size. This is the hardest age to work with when shooting childrens’ photography/clothing. What is so amazing about “H” is that she watches the older girls and desires to mimic and copy their behavior. She looks and listens and if there aren’t too many people watching her during the shoot, that little girl comes alive and finds such joy in wearing the pretty Hannah Kate clothing and getting her picture taken. I believe she thinks it is the best dress up party EVER.

PicMonkey Collage-8

Occasionally, The Hannah Kate Catalog Family has friends and family along and they make it into a shoot now and then {check out the fun kiddos on the slide show of our website!}. They know who they are and we are always privileged and grateful to have them included and along for the crazy ride that catalog shooting season is.

As Spring Trunk 2015 Shows continue, orders are taken, and clothing arrives, please send pictures of your own little “models” in their newly designed Hannah Kate outfits! Post on your Facebook timeline and tag us so we can enjoy them with you and your friends, or post to Instagram and tag #hannahkateonline.

Here’s a big “Hi” from our Hannah Kate Catalog Family to your kids! We are thrilled to bring you a catalog we hope your children will enjoy looking through. May your child find something that uniquely expresses their own personality and encourage them to live childhood to its fullest!



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