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Welcome Fall! I’m feelin’ it and I hope you are too!

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I’m pretty sure we are absolutely the worst clothes wear and tear family on the planet at our house! With three little boys in a row to start our family, I’ll be honest, I seriously would look at some of their clothing, even after one wear, no matter what it was and THROW IT AWAY because the stains would be so amazing, if not slightly depressing.

The girls have been nowhere near the clothing demolition crew that their brothers were… but, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen few girls wear their clothing as hard as they do in pursuit of the lively lifestyle their older brothers lead.

Hannah Kate Stain Removal

I know that is partly my own fault because I let them wear their favorite dresses to hike in if they like, and it’s not uncommon for them to play at the church park after church in their Sunday best! The absence of a cover-up while eating is quite common too. My strong point isn’t prep for life’s circumstances.

That being said, stain removal is my part time job. I love stainless, beautiful clothing as much as the next mom, and also the need for longer lasting attire. I love seeing a younger sister being able to wear a cute dress her older sister wore.

Hannah Kate Charlotte Dress

I can say without a doubt that Hannah Kate Clothing is some of the most durable and resilient I’ve ever seen! I could swear by the strength of Hannah Kate Tee’s and their ability to withstand just about anything my boys have put them to the test with. I have confidence that when I put a Hannah Kate dress on my daughter, I’m going to be able to pass that sweet piece to several more after her.

Today I would like to write specifically about working with our pretty 100% cotton clothing and the best ways to get the most out of your purchase.

Stubborn stains on beautiful fabrics need gentle removal. When my girls get a stain on their Hannah Kate I fill up my laundry room sink with cool water, pour in some regular gentle laundry detergent and let it soak for a good while — a few hours if need be. If it is a particularly stubborn stain I take my cleaning toothbrush and dab some detergent directly on the stain before soaking. Depending on the stain, I decide the duration.

Hannah Kate Wash Stains

I will then send the item through the regular laundry; always checking the condition before putting into heat to dry. Of course most Hannah Kate items say flat dry, or hang. I really do find this to be the better way to enhance the longevity of my kids’ clothing. With our Hannah Kate dresses, I pull out of the wash, give a firm shake and hang. This eliminates wrinkles and prepares nicely for the next wear with little hassle.

One of my favorite things I have done to prolong the wear of a Hannah Kate dress is just a simple altering from dress to cute shirt! When a daughter has sudden growth — I am disappointed that a new item is instantly too short! With a little hem work, so many Hannah Kate dress designs can be transformed from dress to adorable top with a few minutes at the sewing machine.

Hannah Kate Charlotte Dress Hemmed

At Hannah Kate we want you to be pleased with your clothing choice and get the most out of each garment. If ever you have any questions in regards to an item you have purchased, you can always call our office.

Have a wonderful fall!



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