Hannah Kate Home

Our Fall Trunk Shows and the beautiful fun has begun!


There is something HUGE that is in this Fall’s trunk that you need to know more about because it’s just that awesome and we are super excited to offer you the Hannah Kate Home items never before sold!

I want to begin by introducing you to something so sweet and soft: the Hannah Kate Baby Blanket. These blankets are 38×38 inches and are made with either ruffle or flange. You get to choose two fabrics from the swatches included in your trunk at the Hannah Kate Trunk Show. {$54.}

Secondly, we love that we can offer you The Hannah Kate Crib Sheets! These are made with French seams and elastic on all four sides for a wonderful snug fit and again, you can choose your fabric and create just want you want from the swatches included in the the Fall Trunk. Some of our fabrics are completely unique to Hannah Kate Trunk Shows. We love that you have the option to create something that is completely original for your baby! {$42.}



To top off these beautiful custom sheets, the Hannah Kate Baby needs pillow cases for his or her crib! Our beautiful Hannah Kate Pillow Cases are 12×16 inches and made with either ruffle or band, with or without contrasting fabric, that you choose from the Trunk Show. Contrast the ruffle, or contrast the band! {$28.}


These pillow cases can also be monogrammed in either circle script, block, ivory tower, or round fronts. If you’d rather have your child’s name put on the pillow, of course that’s available as well! “Typewriter” is our most popular font.




The pillow forms are {$9.} and fit our baby pillow cases perfectly.

Lastly, for Hannah Kate Baby, we are offering the Burp Cloth! These can be customized to the nines using either our custom fabric list or our home fabrics. The Burp Clothes are made with 100% cotton cloth diaper and our unique fabric that you choose from the Trunk Show (match it to any other garment or sheet set!). {$15}


One of our big new Hannah Kate Home items is our Standard Pillowcase. Our pillowcases are made with either double ruffles or band and flange. They come in standard sizes and are available with or without the “Deer Screen” print. We will have a list of fabrics that these pillow cases can be created in at our Trunk Shows. Our screen print colors are grey, brown, ivory, red, and hot pink.


Our “Double Ruffle Pillowcases:” {$36.} without the screen print (a pair for $70.). {$46.} with the screen print (a pair for $90.).

Our “Standard Tailored Pillowcases:” {$34.} without the screen print (a pair for $66.) and {$44. with the screen print ($86. for a pair).

If you are interested in the screen print on your pillow cases here is some important information that will help you get that perfect look for your home:

-If you are ordering just ONE screen print pillowcase please specify whether you want a “left” or “right” pillowcase. This will be the indicator to us which direction you would like the antlers to go on your original masterpiece. Please indicate when ordering which direction you feel would be best for your screen print for your decor that you are working around. We want to make sure you get exactly what you are looking for to make your room special and complete.

If you are wanting to order from our Hannah Kate Home but can’t make it to a Trunk Show please give us a call (205-871-6362) or send us an email (hannahkate@hannahkateclothing.com) and we will do what we can to get you just want you are looking for.

When at our Fall Show ask about our Hannah Kate Home options! There are endless possibilities for your home or gifts to shower your friends and families with.


See you at our Hannah Kate Fall Trunk Shows!



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