Hannah Kate in the Wild

hey hannah kate friends!  ok, so this is my first time to EVER write a blog!!!  i’m just glad that i have some exciting things to write about! 🙂 i am SO excited about our new website, and one of the features i’m most excited about is called “Hannah Kate in the Wild”.  this is our instagram feed, and we want to share pictures of your cute kiddos in our cute clothes! so here’s what we need you to do:  first, you have to follow us on instagram @hannah_kate_clothes, and then you post pictures of your children wearing hannah kate and tag those photos like this: #hannahkateonline.  it’s that simple!!!  won’t that be fun?  i seriously can’t wait to see your adorable kids wearing hk…it’s the most rewarding part of what i do. 🙂

another thing i’m really excited about is the fall 2014 photo shoot we just finished!  the rest of my office is busy-busy shipping out spring orders every day (we are ahead of schedule by the way), but i’ve been working on the fall catalog.  our incredibly talented photographer will be blogging soon, and i can guarantee you that you are in for quite a treat!  she is amazing and is the mother of most of the models.  how she does it all, i’ll never know!  we have 35 new fabrics for fall that are my all time favorites, and without a doubt the best boy fabrics we have ever had.  fall 2014 is going to be hard to beat!

well, here’s to a great weekend, and please go follow us on instagram @hannah_kate_clothes so you can join us “in the wild”!  don’t forget to tag your pictures! #hannahkateonline

happy friday~