Hope in the Chaos.

IMG_7455As I am sitting here this afternoon in front of the screen, hands on keyboard, heart searching for words. . . I think about all the awesome mom-blogs out there and sometimes I’m pretty sure I can’t write anything that hasn’t been written.

Whoops. That doesn’t sound like a very good way to start off a post, but wait – I hope I’m going somewhere with this!

I have been wondering to myself all week, “Do I write on money management for kids? How about family game night? What about how to run family chores, or best ideas for working through kids homework with them?”

All are great ideas, and I’m pretty sure if you google you will find mom-blogs addressing all of these in one way or another with bullet points and pictures of awesomeness. But there are times in our life where things are crazy. There are times when we just need hope that we will make it through today.

Maybe you are in between houses like we are – where you are packing boxes and there is no such thing as order to just about any area of your life. Every schedule that has worked in the past isn’t cutting it right now and it may be months before normality returns! You’ve already googled, “How to survive another move” and the list of things to do aren’t working.

Maybe things are tight and the money management is just survival, one pay check to the next. Maybe family relationships are difficult or split – simply not how you had dreamed – and the idea of a family game night is something so far fetched you kinda wince because it brings feelings of hurt you really don’t want to entertain.

All this is real life for many of us.

Life doesn’t look like a Thomas Kinkade picture scene. It feels more like a Dr. Seuss book. Sometimes all the mom-blogs of how to’s are so overwhelming we’d rather just not go there. Maybe because they just give us the feeling that motherhood is for the superwomen of the world ~ and her suit ain’t fittin’ so well right now.


I want to give you hope; because where there is hope, there is faith. . . and where faith is, miracles happen.

As I stare at the pile of boxes yet to be put together on my front porch and hear the children riding bikes through the house {no joke, but ladies, they are having a wonderful childhood today!} there is something my dad told me once I want to share with you – one of those days when I came over to his house and I looked like one of “those moms.”

Disheveled. Tired. Eyes glazed over. Thinking thoughts of failure and discouragement.

He hugged me tenderly, reading my situation well, and in his gentle voice said, “Alyssa, just do the next thing. Don’t worry about anything else.”

It’s become my motto. It’s what gets me through these times that my home looks like the Dr. Suess book page – where everybody mirrors a strange creature, bikes with five wheels are flying through the air, hair is standing on end, and I’m calling my kids names that no one has ever heard of.

Hey, you real life moms out there – we can do this. We can do the next thing; and then the next.

And then the next.

There is rest for our hearts – less worry, and I promise, you will accomplish just what God intended for you to accomplish in your day. Nothing more and nothing less. Then start again tomorrow and just take one thing at a time. Let peace stay in your heart, love for the outcome, and joy in the beautiful chaos you may find yourself living in right now. You’ve got this!

As for money management and kids: Teach them to work hard, save, and give to the less fortunate.

As for family game night? Honest to goodness I promise kids like water balloon fights with parents involved even better. Or try bowling in the drive way with water bottles and a baseball. Just be prepared because the whole neighborhood will show up and want to play.

Working through homework? Someone please, write a blog completely dedicated to this and send me the link!

Have “Hope in the Chaos.” That’s what it really means to be a super-mom.



For Hannah Kate.