A Legacy of Love.


Moving into the corner of the dining room near the window, I took the broom along the molding, getting those fly away crumbs along the edge. I felt a small hard object hit the top of my head. I muttered under my breath, “What in the world?”

Eyes moved upward and slowly fixed on four small, carefully painted rocks hanging from sewing thread and tacks. The broom fell to a lean against the wall and I reached up and let my fingers gently swing the rocks back and forth in the morning window light. The fifth rock lay on the ground at my feet.

I bent down and scooped up the small rock art in my hands. My hand fingering it for a bit before taking down the rest and placing them all on the bar stool.

My initial short lived thoughts were to scold my eleven year old daughter for hanging rocks by thread from the ceiling. Didn’t she know that could hurt someone?

A half smile crept across my face as I stood there looking at the rocks on the stool. The rock hitting me on the head represented so much more than a safety concern!IMG_0169

It meant that my girl was creative. She had used her imagination; taken time to do something completely on her own without my help, that had nothing to do with an electronic devise! My little artist was doing what she loved most and she wanted the rest of us to enjoy. She had made beauty out of simple rocks.

Maybe she wanted to be like me. After all, I have been known to tack things to the ceiling when changing out seasonal decor!

Whether through devotional blogs, books, or motivational speakers, most of us probably know something about being a positive thinker, to have a heart of gratefulness; face towards the sun type of mentality. I know I’m not onto something new here. But I don’t know that it can truly ever be over stated…


There isn’t a day that goes by that it doesn’t help me to persevere in motherhood to remember that the mounds of laundry represent the fact that we can clothe our children. The stacks of dirty dishes say my children aren’t starving. The number of shoes I either trip over or pick up around the house represent all the precious little feet of my loves.

The rock falling on my head represents the character and personality of my delightful daughter. The list is truly endless.

Here’s to keeping our perspective in check and grateful hearts for those rocks that hit us on the head. May we cherish the fleeting moments and blessings instead of allowing a little voice to corrode our hearts when we wonder if the mundanes of motherhood will master our days forever. May our hearts see the beauty that is all around us in all these things. Let’s leave a legacy of love.

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Have a wonderful weekend!


For Hannah Kate