PicMonkey Collage1 PicMonkey Collage3 PicMonkey Collage2 When I first wrote this post, we’d just come off Valentine’s Day weekend. Then sickness hit our house hard and posting was postponed! I hope it’s never too late to talk about love. It’s said to be the greatest of all the things we can do.

Our sweet toddler is still carrying around her red basket her daddy gave her on Valentine’s Day. She has carried her stuffed animals in it, and a piece of cheese she saved from lunch! The chocolates that the basket contained are long gone. The glory of being three is that baskets, purses, bags, and pockets are pretty exciting and last much longer!

{Hint, hint! If you are going to be at an upcoming Hannah Kate Trunk Show, don’t forget to add pockets!}

As Valentine’s Day approached with it’s pink and red, the advertisements, and yes, chocolates, so came the realization once more that I don’t always know exactly what “love” means to each little (and big) person in my household.

Naturally, I know what “love” means to me – what makes me feel loved; I’ve got that down good.

Sometimes in my human-ness, I fail to recognize that love to be given shouldn’t be according to how I feel, but by studying the individual in such a way that I learn and know what LOVE IS TO THEM. This is a privilege that I have as a mother ~ to study and to discover my child’s heart. Every day and night I am given the opportunity.

It’s not without temptation in this over-obsessed online world to think we know our children and how to love them, when in actuality we dwell with them whilst going about our daily lives, eyes to our phones, or schedules, or whatnot, failing to acknowledge that each child may need love in different ways.

I raise my hand, “Yes, that’s me too.” I often give love according to my definition instead of their definition. I believe I’m showing love — when it doesn’t feel like love to them at all.

Seems simple enough, but I need a reminder to do the simple: to sit with my child and ask, “What makes you feel loved?” Then, listen and do. This doesn’t mean at times there isn’t going to be “tough love” in parenting, what it does mean is that in our day in and day out relating to our child, we will demonstrate to them that we care deeply for them by showing love in ways that are very distinct to their personality and inner-person.

There is something wonderful about being “known” by the person who claims to love us most. Our children will know they are known, and it will bring inner security and confidence.

I have a dear older sister who knows how much I like to read a good article or good quote. This past week she sent me an article that was a list. My attention span doesn’t usually last to the tune of 23 points. But, wow, I am glad I hung on to the email and took the time to read it!

This wonderful-but-made-me-squirm article, “23 Things That Love Is” can be found here. If you’d like, click over for a good read. I’m taking the challenge to love better. Always grow, always hope. I believe my children will grow up knowing the difference between true love and counterfeit love if I am whole-heartedly desiring to lavish on them true love.

On the subject of love, I want to extend love to our hostesses and wonderful customers who have made this Trunk Show truly the best ever! Thank you, thank you! We appreciate each one of you!

If you have already been to a show and then realized, “Oh wait! I wish I’d ordered such and such!” Please call our office and we will help you complete your desired order. It’s not too late. (205-871-6362)

Been to a show and have pictures? Please email them to us if you’d like! Or post them to Instagram and hashtag #hannahkateonline. We’d love to see the fun and your beautiful children modeling Hannah Kate Spring!

Have a wonderful week!


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