Spring Ideas For Little Ones


Are you ready to jump into spring with both feet? I sure am!

Goodbye winter, I am ready for sunshine, even rain – anything but cold! Sometimes I need a jump start on ideas, or maybe something to push me forward into making memories that make the most of this beautiful season.

I’m sure these ideas might not be new ones I’ve posted here, but maybe they can just be a fun reminder that we have the wonderful privilege of making the most of these days that we share with our little ones. Don’t take this as a to-do list to check off, as that might be a bit over-whelming! Just pick the most do-able ones, or set a few on the calendar as goals.

Most of these are geared toward children ages 2-10. Having four children between these ages right now, and having tried each of these out personally, I can honestly say these are winners for spring!

Spring Ideas For Little Ones:

-Play garden! Pretend garden is lots of fun, but plant a real garden if you can! Individual little garden boxes work fabulous. Check this out.
-It’s time to pull out the side walk chalk again. This is great!
-Collect leaves and flowers around the yard and press in books, or wax paper. Cut the wax paper in rectangles and use as spring place mats. Just like THIS – but for spring time!
-Make paper flowers and hang from the ceiling or made chains from spring colored construction paper. (Check these ideas out if you want to get fancy!)
-Paint flower pots and grow a small plant and take to the elderly or neighbors.
-Clay and play dough creations are fun ~ in shapes of bunnies, easter eggs, and anything spring time. If you want to get messy, click here.
-Take okra, cut and use as a stamp to make flowers on paper to make cards for friends or invitations for a spring party. So pretty.
-Don’t forget to visit your local botanical garden. Check out their website for events! My kids have really enjoyed our visits!
-The zoo! Go before the heat.
-Parks. We like to go in the evenings as a family.
-Explore hiking and nature trails in your area and give the children an Easter basket to collect things along the way. Take a plant thesaurus to point out various plants that may be in your area.
-It’s time for bug and butterfly collecting! Make a bug catcher: easy idea here.
-Don’t forget to mini golf around your yard or park. We take plastic red cups to turn sideways for that hole in one!
-Make blanket tents/forts outside or on the porch. Check here for ideas.
-Set up a camping tent in your back yard just for fun and camp out the easy way.
-Go to a baseball game and cheer loud and eat pop-corn.
-How about an outside puppet show? We made a puppet stand out of an old refrigerator box. Check here.
-Nothing like a spring fashion show! Pull out all the dress-up clothes and use the summer slip-and-slide as the “run way!”
-One spring we kept a “spring scrapbook.” Each child made their own. Each day we colored, or pasted or put a picture inside. Here’s a great, easy way.
-One of our favorite things we’ve done is tour our own city/town like a tourist before summer comes! Just take a Saturday here and there and see the sights.
-Buy a bunch of flowers and go to a random place and hand them out to strangers who look like they need encouragement. Impacted my children almost more than anything we’ve done!
-Have a spring or Easter party in your back yard. Let the kids decorate it their way. Or not.
-Not quite time for swimming? Go ahead and buy water balloons just for fun and have a family fight.
-Make pancakes in the shape of a flower (using a cookie cutter if need be) and have a breakfast devoted to spring. One of our fav recipes.
-Have a spring “spa afternoon” outdoors.
-Discover what flowers are edible and use them at meal times or picnics. So cool!
-Make tissue paper flowers to hang. These are nice!
-Find out if you have any local places to go fruit picking in your area. Typically the website will tell you what is in season for picking. This has become a spring tradition.
-Discover if you have a petting zoo or farm open to the public and make a trip.
-Take lots of walks or bike rides.
-Check out wildflower or herb farms nearby. Grow herbs.
-Visit an animal shelter to walk dogs or cats, or volunteer to help in some way with the new puppies. My children love this! Now they beg to each week.
-Make spring cleaning fun – use a reward system! Blast your favorite music. My kids do best with a timer and music – a different song for each task and a time in which it must be done. Kind of a cleaning-dance-party!
-Paint your child’s room a new color for new beginnings.
-Sign up for a local spring 5K or mile race with the kids. Make it about them, not your time.
-Make a simple birdhouse or buy one and set up bird houses around the yard. Go bird watching. Pretty simple.


“Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s Party!” (Robbin Williams)

Welcome to spring! We hope you have a fabulous one!


For Hannah Kate