Transitioning From Summer to School!

Our Fall Trunk Show Season has been absolutely wonderful! We are so thrilled with the feedback we’ve received from all of you on our new fabrics and patterns. It has been exciting to see what you love! Thank you so much for making our Fall Season fun and fabulous.


Today is our last day for our Fall Trunk Show Facebook Sale, but no worries, we will have Instagram and Facebook updates in the coming weeks keeping you in the know of what’s coming next!

Is it possible that school has started once more? I think we all face mixed emotions?!

Transitioning from summer to school isn’t always a piece of cake. Personally, I think that might be a great idea — bake a cake for the transition and have a little party celebrating your wonderful summer and the new challenge ahead!


I have two little ones who entered school for the first time last week. Anticipating and addressing their anxiety is really key to helping things go as smoothly as possible. We’ve been doing a lot of talking! These are some of the common questions I ask after school each day when I pick them up:

“What was your favorite thing about your day?”
“Who did you sit with at lunch?”
“Do you have any homework I can help you with?”
“Were you respectful to your teacher?”
“Who did you play with at the playground?”
“Did anyone say anything today that made you upset or feel sad?”
“Did anyone say anything today that made you feel good or that you thought was funny?”
“Was there anything bad that happened today that you would like to talk about?”
“Did you talk to someone new today and make a friend?”

I want to encourage us all to stay connected to the emotions of our children in this new school year! Be a safe place! Ask questions in a way that is soft and inviting. It’s always such a wonderful thing to start early and build communication with our kids. It doesn’t take much, but seeking out one-on-one time with your child each day is also a great way to keep the school season family friendly.

Ease back into those scheduled days! You can do it! Remember to stay connected to nature even though the classroom is now taking priority. Getting outside together will relieve stress and help keep attitudes positive.


Here at Hannah Kate we hope you have a blessed school year! Don’t forget to tag us or post your darlings in your Fall 2015 Trunk Show creations! Just a friendly reminder: expect 10-12 weeks for shipping from the date of your order. Please feel free to give us a call at our office (205-871-6362) if you have any questions.


Alyssa Welch

For Hannah Kate