The Versatility of Hannah Kate Clothing!



Fall is just around the corner, or rather, at least for those of you in states north of me!

I am sitting outside at the park with my girls this morning {I admit, it’s not a bad office space} and I can feel the fall coming. There are hints of it’s arrival, tiny hints. Today’s hint is that I know for a fact that even a week ago, my present situation would have been uncomfortably hot and my office would be indoors!

With our very gradual weather changes, I’ve found Hannah Kate Clothing to be exceptionally versatile through the years. It works! As CEO of a full house, you bet I’m looking for versatility! Life is simplified by having clothing that works in various ways for my girls. I love it when I find a piece that plays more than one role in the life of their wardrobe.


The “Hunter Tunic” from the Fall Collection.


The “Hunter Tunic” paired with jeans for the fall, and below, with “Liza Shorts” for warmer times.


Nearly everything in the Hannah Kate Spring Collection can instantly be beautiful for fall by just adding a “Sister Tee” and Hannah Kate “Leggings.” I’ve found the same to be true with the Fall Collection ~ summer transformation is simple and darling. Subtract the layers and you’re good to go! The mixing and matching is endless.


The “Charlotte Dress” in “Making Waves” from the Fall Collection made versatile with leggings and light sweater.



The “Maggie Overalls” and “Girl Tee” from the Fall Collection.

The “Maggie Overalls” dressed down for spring. Add a “Girl Tee” or “Turtleneck” from Hannah Kate to warm.


Versatality is one of the many reasons I love Hannah Kate clothing! There are outfits that can work for your children all the happy year long. Seasons may change, but there are so many options at your finger tips! For example, so many of the Hannah Kate pieces work lovely as a dress or shirt. Some of my oldest daughter’s once-upon-a-tops from Hannah Kate look precious on my little girls for play day dresses.

We use the “Brighton Top” and “Caldwell Top” in so many outfit combinations. IMG_4897

The “Sister Tee” and “Caldwell Top” from last Fall’s Collection.


Here we have the “Brighton Top” paired with the “Sister Tee” and “Liza Shorts.” In the summer and spring we just remove the “Sister Tee.”


The “Janie Jumper,” another great dress that has wonderful versatility!



The “Molly Top” from the Fall Collection.


Cute summer use of the “Molly Top” paired with Hannah Kate’s “Georgia Shorts.”


The “Georgia Shorts” and “Liza Shorts” go with anything and everything Hannah Kate!


The “Hannah Dress” paired with “Liza Shorts.”


“Rosie Top” with “Liza Shorts.” Add “Sister Tee” and “Leggings” and maybe a pair of boots, and bring on fall!


The versatile “Izzie Shorts.” They are paired with the “Elizabeth Top Short Sleeve,” but look just as good with Hannah Kate “Leggings” and “Sister Tee.”


The beautiful “April Dress.”


Sometimes we get a little creative with a Hannah Kate piece we are just too in love to part with!

This is the “April Dress” – yes, a bit out grown for a dress, but nevertheless, still beautiful minus the ribbons and used as a top! My daughter often pairs it with the “Ella Capris” or “Liza Shorts” in the spring or summer.


For cooler weather, Hannah Kate “Leggings” work wonders for any outfit! Check out the Fall Collection for this seasons “Leggings” color options. Layering the “Matilda Dress” over Hannah Kate basics is a wonderful way to wear happy prints right on into fall.



The “Rosie Top” dressed for spring and fall.



“Ella Capris” with everything comfortable! My baby loves to run around the house all day in these!


As you are moving into your fall, whether it descends swiftly or gradually takes over ~ remember The Versatility of Hannah Kate Clothing! 

Play with patterns, layers, blend and don’t forget to send us pics of your creations. If you are thinking to make your pretty purchases useful for fall, order some Hannah Kate basics like our “Leggings,” “Sister Tee,” or “Turtleneck” by calling our office at 205-871-6362.

Here’s to celebrating versatility!


{For Hannah Kate}