Wearing Springtime.


Today is an absolutely beautiful spring day where we live. Blue skies, wild flowers everywhere, green grass, and that ever-knowing feeling that summer is right around the corner, and school will be out!

I was standing in line at the grocery store the other day and asked the cashier how her day was going. She replied, “This spring weather has me sneezing! The rain has brought us so much mud this year…  aren’t the bugs just horrible this year?”

Oh my. It was completely the “glass half full” syndrome reaching out and punching me in the face. I smiled, and replied, “Well, but anything is better than that winter we just got through, eh?” But then I started thinking about the bugs, and yes, they’re bad.

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I’m guilty too; because no one, even if they act like it, always sees things through rose colored glasses. The truth is we face the bugs and the mud, and sneeze about it now and then. Yes, even those of us who are unrealistic optimists.

Last weekend I had the kids running the trails at the river. The mud was thick, the bugs aplenty, and some were sneezing. It was warm though and the winter is gone. One of my boys pulled his shirt and shoes off and ran towards the water in complete enthusiasm. I muttered just a bit too loud, “Goodness, there he goes half naked already.”

My other son heard me and smiled, “Mom, he’s half clothed so that’s a good thing, right?”

Yes, yes it is!

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We make a choice everyday. We can wake in praise and thanksgiving, or we can sink in the mud. I don’t believe we need to have “Polly-Anna-itis” — if you know what I mean. You politely would like to say shush up to those folks, because duh, anything out of balance is annoying and not EVERYTHING is awesome. But in this negative world, where we are constantly faced with the horrors to feed our fears and daily outlook on life, our children need to have goodness to believe in.

As parents we need to be the avenue in which they hear and see that goodness. We have the opportunity to share hope.

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There is light, not just shadows. There is good, not just evil. There is spring time, not just winter. There are wild-flowers, not just bugs. There are people serving, not just rioting. There are friends, not just bullies. Let’s talk with our kids about the shadows when we need to, but let’s let them know there is LIGHT  as well – and I hope we share more of the light then the darkness. For in light, we find hope — and reason and joy in carrying out love to those around us.

Which is what makes this world a better place. Let’s help spread “springtime” wherever we go!

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(Our “Beatrice Dress” in spring colors, having a blast.)


For Hannah Kate