Story : About HK

When I started Hannah Kate more than 20 years ago, so much was on my heart. I wanted what we created and how we created it to be authentic and poignant. I wanted it to be beautiful and meaningful.

The undeniable truth, the incomprehensible reality, the almost unimaginable miracle,
is that even before time began, each one of us was created by the most infinite Love to be exactly who we are. We are each, by design, one of a kind. There is no duplication. Nobody else has our spirit, our specific demeanor, our funny laugh, our curly hair, or the unique gap between our teeth. Nobody else has our individual creativity or our individual sense of humor. We are God’s gift to the world. To each other. We come into the world as God’s workmanship to tell our own story, to sing our own song, and to enter into the Dance. I truly believe this is the joy and wonderment of life.

This is Hannah Kate. This is how we view life, and perhaps more significantly because of what we do and how we do it, this is how we view children. We passionately and lovingly, joyfully and carefully, artfully and wonderfully create clothing for children. But, we feel it rises above that, because we feel that we have been chosen to enter into the song and the story and the dance of each child wearing the clothing we craft for them. We embrace the journey with each child, and we celebrate the uniqueness of each child.

The clothing we create and the children for whom it is created have the same thing in common: both have been joyfully and wonderfully made. Every child is unique, just like every stitch is unique. Every child has a special purpose as every pattern has a purpose. Every little boy or little girl has been joyfully and wonderfully created to be exactly who they are. And every little dress or little pair of pants has been created in exactly the same way.

This is Hannah Kate. Our purpose is to use our gifts to transform, to inspire, to celebrate, and most importantly, to love. Because every piece of clothing we make is made with love.
It is made with passion. It is made with excellence. With integrity, commitment, and purpose. It is made with joy, and it is made in complete wonderment. Perhaps the child and the clothing have been cut from the same cloth. Both have been joyfully and wonderfully made.
Thank you for being on this journey with us.