Trunk Shows : What is a Trunk Show?

Hannah Kate Trunk Shows are a very unique and fun experience!  Each Hannah Kate Hostess receives a trunk of over 200 clothing samples twice a year.  Customers are able to view each season’s precious, new line of Hannah Kate clothing and place orders at their local trunk show.

Each season’s clothing samples are the personal creation of Hannah Kate’s owner and designer, Andrea Brown.  Each garment can be ordered as it is sampled in the trunk, or garments can be customized by you!

Hannah Kate provides over 80 fabrics to choose from, as well as a variety of garment styles for girls and boys each show season.  Garments can be further personalized by you with the many appliques, embroideries, monograms, trims and buttons provided by Hannah Kate!

Please click on the link below to find a Hannah Kate Trunk Show near you.  If there is not a show in your area currently, you are welcome to call our office to place an order by phone (205-871-6362) during our show season, or we would love for you to apply to become a Hannah Kate Hostess!

Fall 2020 Hannah Kate Trunk Show Dates

Show Week One: Monday, July 6th –Thursday, July 9th / UPS Trunk Pickup, Friday, July 10th.

Show Week Two: Thursday, July 16th – Sunday, July 19th / UPS Trunk Pickup, Monday, July 20th.

Show Week Three: Friday, July 24th – Monday, July 27th / UPS Trunk Pickup, Tuesday, July 28th.

Show Week Four: Saturday, August 1st –Wednesday, August 5th / UPS Trunk Pickup, Thursday, August 6th.

Show Week Five: Wednesday, August 12th –Monday, August 17th / UPS Trunk Pickup, Tuesday, August 18th.