More than a Brand

This is Hannah Kate

The clothing we create and the children for whom it is created have the same thing in common: both have been joyfully and wonderfully made. Every child is unique, just like every stitch is unique. Every child has a special purpose as every pattern has a purpose. Every little boy or little girl has been joyfully and wonderfully created to be exactly who they are. And every little dress or little pair of pants has been created in exactly the same way.

Meet Andrea

the founder & ceo of Hannah Kate

Hannah Kate was founded by Andrea Brown in January 2000.  Andrea’s creative talents and unique vision allow her  to design fun, unique children’s clothing that mother and child will equally love. Hannah Kate’s signature look is nostalgic yet timeless, simple but distinct. Andrea personally selects a wide range of quality fabrics and garment styles in order to  reflect any child’s personality.  With each passing season, Andrea maintains her signature style while staying on the cutting edge of children’s fashions.